Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I'm on a roll...

Leese-Fitch, Chardonnay 2010
Sonoma, California

Wine Enthusiast – 2012 Best Buy (88 points)

Recently, my sister and I shared this wine while at my parents' house for dinner. We just had a fresh snow fall and enjoyed the wine before dinner while watching through the family room windows as my kids went sledding in the back yard.

One look at the bottle and my wine blogging counterpart will most likely scoff at the estate on the label as it is devoid of cute farm animals. Apparently the appearance of grazing mares in a field is her code for “best wine ever”. (Editor's Note:  Roosters, actually.  But that's for another time.  Smart-ass.)   The Leese-Fitch Adobe that appears on the wine label is indeed a residence, but has also functioned as an all girls school, military barracks, hotel and a saloon/restaurant. It is an historical landmark that currently stands in Sonoma Plaza.  (Another Editor's Note:  I would definitely drink this wine.  The label features an old building with a cross on it.  You know some serious shit went down in there.  People probably had to stomp on some grapes for penance.  Sorry.  Carry on, Stacy.)

That being said, it's a great wine for the price. And while I do appreciate the more traditional traits of Chardonnay, this is a wine for all the haters out there who don't care for its typical buttery, oakey and heavy flavor. Leese-Fitch Chardonnay is clean and fruity with hints of pear and lemon. It was so easy to drink that the bottle was finished in less than an hour at which time my sister put a scotch on the rocks in front of me...not so easy. Had it lasted, the wine would have paired nicely with the roasted chicken and potatoes we had for dinner and would also go well with fish or a vegetarian meal.

Here's the kicker folks. My mom found that the plastic cork doubles nicely as a beer bottle cork. Yes. Because only my mother cannot finish a beer and is frugal enough to cork it for tomorrow's enjoyment. Cheers!

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