Saturday, February 2, 2013

Estancia Chardonnay 2010

Pardon the scratchy label.

This is a splurge.  It was on sale for $11.99, down from $13.99.  I know.  Back that trolley up!

So, so good.  My husband made this nice arctic char with some roasted veg and couscous, and this was perfect.  The bottle says that Estancia Chardonnay "displays lush, tropical fruit flavors and a soft, creamy finish."

It's like butter.  I say that without summoning Mike Myer's Linda Richmond.  I say it with all sincerity.

Look, this wine is smooooth.  Like Lando-greeting-Leia-in-Cloud-City smooth.  You look absolutely beautiful.  You truly belong here with us among the clouds.  But unlike Leia, I'm buying it.  I'm all like, Han who?  Gimme another sip of this and I'll re-braid my hair for you, Mr. Calrissian.

Buttery and light, without any of that scrunchy-face at the end.  If there's an oenophile who can explain to me how wine can taste like butter, please do. 

It even smells good.  I know you're supposed to "take in the bouquet," and generally I do, because I'm kind of a dork.  But right here, right now...I want to smell this wine.

And drink it.  Estancia Chardonnay. Works every time.

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